This website is about what I think is important, which means

survival and enjoyment. All the knowledge there is won't cover it but, being

a scientist (MIT 63, 65, 67) and an artist (click on the link below) and an old man (76 as I write this) 

I want to try to shed a little focused light on those misconceptions

that drive me looney. 


My goal is to get people to think since that is the essence of the problem, and that what is what I will try to do. I suspect much of what I say will not be what many want to hear, but essentially all I want is for people to think before they speak. That is very rare today and accounts for much or our fundamental and tragic divisions.

(For more on the subject of beauty go to LIGHTSONGFINEART.COM.)

Life should be the enjoyment of beauty which is anything that nourishes the soul.

However, when we are part of a group of any kind especially a political party or organization if we only take our attitudes from others without thinking things through, it is a recipe for disaster.And that is precisely what we are doing.

Each of us must know why we have taken a particular position

and investigating what in fact might be the truth. This is true for liberals and

conservatives alike. My very intelligent mentor once pointed out to me that if I wanted to know what someone believes, all I had to know is where they reside.

This is dangerous.

Studies have shown that people can be convinced that black is white in a few minutes by the influence of one person on another.

The subject of color brings to mind a truth with convincing scientific evidence that we completely avoid discussing, namely that we are all, and I mean all, Africans. Our entire species is descended from a migration from northeast Africa some 50 to 100 thousand years ago. It is detectable in the genome in every cell of our bodies (including mine and yours).

I know most will not believe this but click here for the story from National Geographic.

In the short (I hope not) history of mankind we have vered from thought to tragedy many

times and continue to do so today. The one great moment is history where great progress

was made was the "enlightenment" when light shown on the darkness of the middle ages.

We desperately need enlightenment now. We must stop fiddling while Rome burns.

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